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CHOICES Healing Center

Making the world a better person, one family at a time.

The CHOICES Offices The CHOICES Offices The CHOICES Sign on our Building The CHOICES sign and logo and colors were developed by the original team of clinicians and body/energy practitioners employed in 2009. 83337340 The CHOICES sign at the entrance door 83337216 The Entrance into CHOICES As folks enter through this door the comfortable waiting room is to the right. 83337226 Welcome to our Waiting Room 198426030 The Gateway Painting in the Waiting Room This is a 3/D painting that seems to symbolize the beginning of a journey for every family and individual who comes to CHOICES for assistance. 197730061 The CHOICES Waiting Room The comfortable waiting area actually looks like the inviting living room in a family home. 197730062 The CHOICES Waiting Room with our Adult and Children Coloring materials In 2016 our staff decided to provide stress reduction coloring books for both adults and children in both of our waiting room areas. 201838007 Our Business Office Where Clients Check in Our friendly and caring front office staff Marina and Jacqui are available to assist our clients in finding the right place to wait, or in figuring out insurance issues and payment schedules. 197730059 Our Business Office 197730057 Business Office Through out our entire building, even in the business office the art of mindfulness and awareness is present. We try to practice what we preach. 197730056 The Chakras in the Hallway 83337214 More Hallway Art 83337217 The Dedicated Play Therapy Room We have moved the play therapy room to an even bigger space for our youngest and most vulnerable clients. 197730052 Play Therapy Room 197730053 Imaginative and Sand Tray Play materials 197730055 Art center in Play Therapy Room 197730054 Hallway 83337219 Our Transcription Room The clinicians at CHOICES have the option (at no charge) of dictating their case notes and reports in order to have them transcribed. 197730060 Heading to the Second Floor of CHOICES 83337341 Lois' Office 83337342 Lois office 198426136 Neurofeedback Center 198426035 Our Kitchenette 198426032 Our Training Room 198426033 Training Room 198426034 83337351 Our New Sand Tray Room Sand Tray is a method of working through issues for both children and adults. The client is invited to "make a world (or a story) in the sand using various miniatures. What is revealed in the sand tray is also a path toward healing. 201838003 The Spirituality Room at CHOICES Both clients and staff have the option of relaxing and centering in our Spirituality Room while at the center. This room is often also used by our clients during trauma intensives. 83337360 Two stations in the Sand Tray Room The higher table is for adults while the smaller table is for children. 201838004 Our Intern/Auxiliary Office At CHOICES we have interns and an extern working with us and this is one of the offices that they can use with their clients. 201838005 Another view of the Intern/Auxiliary Office 201838006 201853205 201853206 201853207 201853208 201853209 201853210 201853211 201853212 201853213 201853214 201853215 201853216 201853217 201853218 201853219 201853220 201853221 201853222 201853223 201853224 201853225 201853226 201853227 201853228 201853229 201853230 201853231 201853232 201853123 201853124 201853125 201853126