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CHOICES Healing Center

Making the world a better person, one family at a time.

FASD Training

 Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders in Adopted and Traumatized Children: Recognizing

the Symptoms, Learning Effective Interventions.

Professional Training: 6 hours Continuing Ed Credits

Where: The Individual and Family CHOICES* Program

Center for Holistic Options & Integrated Counseling for Empowering Selves

2214 N. Atherton Street, Suite 4; State College, PA 16803

Phone: (814) 237-0567; FAX: (814) 237-0569

Time: 9 AM – 4:30 PM, including a networking lunch, 12 - 1

Presenters: Lois Ehrmann PhD, LPC, NCC,CAC-Diplomate & Carol McFall M.Ed., LPC, CAC

Training Objectives:

  1. Increase awareness and knowledge about the prevalence and negative consequence of Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders (FASDs) in the domestic and international populations of adopted/foster children.
  2. Gain up-to-date knowledge regarding direct effects of alcohol and drug exposure on developing brain structures using PET/fMRI and SPECT studies and how effects translate to negative cognitive, emotional, and behavioral development.
  3. Learn 3-5 strategies or interventions helpful in the treatment of adopted/fostered children who have FASDs and gain integrated knowledge concerning the accurate diagnosing of FASDs to avoid mismatched treatment, which can worsen symptoms.

DATE: Pending. Cost : none; This is a workshop that has been presented nationally and across Pennsylvania over the last two years. The presenters continually update the information in this workshop. The workshop is specifically for professionals in the central PA region who work with foster children and specialized adopted children who have experienced trauma and attachment problems. Keep checking in on this website for registration information and procedures.

This training will be conducted for the Hope for Kids organizaton on Saturday 10/2/2010

If you are a human services agency and would like to schedule this training for your staff or your community please contact

Lois Ehrmann at the CHOICES Program at (814) 237-0567 Ext 1 or email her at [email protected]