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CHOICES Healing Center

Making the world a better person, one family at a time.

Trauma Treatment Intensives

CHOICES now offers week and two week long outpatient trauma resolution intensives.

What is a Trauma Intensive?

After a comprehensive holistic assessment, individuals come to the clinic for a 7- hour treatment day that includes trauma-reduction therapy, neurofeedback, spiritual direction and bodywork for one to two weeks. All treatment is customized to the individual needs of the client and is flexibly planned day to day in response to his or her movement through trauma resolution. This intensive approach allows clients to move through trauma resolution, much quicker than the traditional weekly outpatient therapy model. In most cases outpatient therapy continues after the intensive and the CHOICES staff work with the client to ensure that proper follow-up care is in place following an intensive. These trauma intensive experiences are for individuals aged 5 and older who have at least one stable healthy attachment to another individual. Please click on the link below for the brochure:

If you are an adoptive parent and looking for an intensive experience for a child who has been traumatized and also struggled with attachment issues you may be interested in our STAR Intensive Program.

What is the STAR Intensive Treatment Program?

STAR stands for Safe Trauma and Attachment Recovery. The STAR program is a two week holistic intensive outpatient program for families where a traumatized child has been adopted or permanently placed.

Who would benefit from this program?

Children removed from birth families due to abuse, neglect and or abandonment who are struggling in adoptive or permanent placement homes within the context of the new caregiver-child relationship.

These are children that have been diagnosed with complex post-traumatic stress disorder, attachment problems and identified as having issues of anxiety, distractibility, impulsivity, and poor relationships.

How does the program work?

After extensive assessment and evaluation, once accepted into the STAR Program, parents and their child(ren) come to CHOICES for a two week period of time. They meet with the STAR team Monday- Friday from 9:30 am- to approximately 5:00 pm. During that time individualized treatment interventions are utilized toward the objective of assisting the child and the family in healing from past trauma and attachment challenges.

Listed below are possible interventions that may be used in the STAR Program?

Since each child and family is unique the two week treatment plan is tailored to the needs of the child and his or her parents. Therefore listed below are all the possible interventions that can be used:

Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing sessions; Internal Family Systems Therapy; Neurofeedback therapy; Play therapy; Psychodrama; Hypnotherapy/ NLP; Body/Energy therapy sessions such as therapeutic massage, cranial sacral therapy, somato-emotional therapy, Reiki, Jin Shin Jyutsu sessions and acupressure; Trauma Reduction strategy sessions; Attachment Focused Family therapy; Therapeutic Parent Guidance sessions;

What Happens After the Intensive?

We encourage your local therapist to join the STAR Team during the two week intensive for some or all of the 10 days and we continue to consult and support the home therapist indefinitely after the intensive. When there is no home town therapy the STAR team works to identify and develop resources for the child and family in their area of residence for follow up. If families live relatively close to the CHOICES Offices they are welcome to return for continued regular outpatient therapy and follow up.

Who are the STAR Team Members?

All the clinicians and practitioners at the CHOICES Program can take part in various elements of a STAR Intensive Treatment experience. You can review staff information right on this website!

Need more information?

Contact Lois Ehrmann PhD, LPC, Director of the CHOICES at [email protected]

 She can go over with you the costs of the program as well as lodging and hotel options and can get you the initial application.

 The STAR Intensive Treatment Program is for children and adolescents who are not in the birth family setting. Please see our other brochure for intensive programs that we have developed for adults and children who are not in adoptive or fostering settings.